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A Little Lucky

About How It All Got Started

Blue Swann Farm specializes in AKC Australian Cattle Dogs. We strive to breed only the highest quality cattle dogs because as we all know “it’s quality not quantity” that matters. I have personally been the owner of cattle dogs since I first found Lucky way back in April of 2006. I was younger, around middle school aged, and was out riding with my mom on my grandmother’s land when I saw a truck slow down and toss a small pup from his truck into the ditch. I watched him pull away and was stunned that anyone could ever do this to an animal. I told my mom what I had just seen and she was hard pressed to believe it. I convinced her to turn around and sure enough, when we got back to the spot the truck was parked at there lay this small little heeler pup so young it’s eyes were still blue. Mom and I picked it up and took it home. Thus, began my love of Lucky the Red Heeler and my journey into the world of Australian Cattle Dogs.

Fast forward to today(2016) and I have seven heelers and fourteen horses. I love what I do and I love each one of these animals as family. I’m just starting out in the business of breeding and am making every effort to be the best at what I do. Through my love and devotion to these animals, my family, I plan on breeding for the best temperament and conformation, matching these pups with it’s right person, because at the end of the day the happiness of pet and person are of the utmost importance.

All pups that leave my farm will have a health guarantee and will only go to loving homes. There will never be an unhealthy dog or pup in my kennel as I spend time with them every day and keep them on a strict deworming and vaccination regiment. All pups will be socialized with other dogs and my family to help them be ready for the world outside because the more they are exposed to it the better they handle it and the better pup they will be.

Please feel free to contact me anytime about my pups as I have no greater passion than these cattle dogs they have become my family. Enjoy looking around my website meeting my family and finding your next family member. Also feel free to ask about my horses anytime. So from my family to yours here’s to the future!

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